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Well Completion

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The well is drilled I’ll cast so completion operations will be the next step of the whole well construction process I would say in today’s operations and especially count and that well completion is not routine operation it requires high attention from all personnel on the rig set now I would recommend that it is mandatory to start completion phase and then each main smaller step of decorations within this scope from prayer job and the safety meeting so the meeting should cover several of the points operational sequences SPO completion program even that not everyone all the rig might understand the details but the personal time management for all people on location might increase the efficiency of the operations it will also reduce the crew fatigue and it might help company man in the OEM or to pusher to optimize number of people on board communication channels and the focal points during separations well this is essential people must know to whom they need to report in case of the observation that something goes wrong awareness on the duties and responsibilities well we don’t do the completion operational daily bases on the drilling rigs so understanding is of the duties as the responsibilities might also help in the process of increasing efficiency of the job very important point is to understand the lifting procedures and ensure that there is a proper handling equipment there are so many special components in the completion assembly which require special care which are much easy to damage them the pipe or the glucose which we can’t get to use to handle scare must be taken not to scrap the high cost high dollar equipment and tools good fluid management the light brains are relatively cheap there are also very very expensive fluids these fluids are designed to control high pressure wealth and their cost might come to 1,000 dollars per barrel it’s not uncommon today just listen 1,000 dollars a barrel of the fluid discuss special circumstances which might arise well conditions might change and specific equipment which is used risk assessment as such is not the exercise of his voice it is only useful and valid when people on the rig site discuss the risks and mitigating measures right on the well location to be effective in such tasks the crews need to know what they might do bees sensitive points for the special attention of the rig crew for example make no rotation of the Steuben stream during running ho with centered cables and control lines drilling crew get used to rotate the drill string they drill like this ok when has changed to completion this habit may cause crushing the completion components the cables control lines etc. and what is also important is to review shutting procedures in case of the kick and for each stage of the completion job many completion designs are simply not very friendly to standard well control procedures the VOP might not see you on the pipe with attached cable or too many control lines the slotted liners or the screens will not allow isolation of the well even with VOP seals on the body all contingencies must be discussed before the operations and that is why we need gradual safety

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