New Course: Shale Oil Characterization

Check out the new course by Prerna Singh PhD. on Shale Oil Characterization. The course provides a method to improve your workflows to better suit your tight oil play. You will find that methods that worked for shale gas plays will not work for shale oil plays.

You’ll learn:

  • Core issue with quantification of movable oil and identification of oil rich intervals
  • Fundamentals including evolution of organic matter content, porosity and clay mineralogy with thermal maturity
  • Challenges due to clay diagenesis, or lack thereof
  • Clay swelling and its impact on rock mechanical property
  • Ways to help mitigate related challenges during hydraulic stimulation
  • Wireline log methods that do not and ones that do work for shale oil play characterization

The course provides an intermediate to advanced level of knowledge and is best suited for professionals in the areas of Geology, Geophysics and Reservoir engineering who are involved in shale oil play assessment, appraisal and development.

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