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This year marks the 20th anniversary of the Multiphase Pump User Roundtable (MPUR). This one-day event gives operators and manufacturers the opportunity to meet in an informal setting to explore the latest advancements and most exciting applications of this rapidly maturing technology.

Case study presentations will show how incorporating booster technology opens the door to success in a variety of development scenarios. Emphasis will be placed on the dramatic reduction in Capex provided by these solutions and the improved efficiency and reliability of subsea multiphase pumps.

While each case study is unique, the common element is a strong business case for the strategic application of technology in projects facing a strict FID. Attendees are encouraged to interact with presenters, ask pertinent questions and dig deep into the specifics of these projects.

Event Locations and Dates:

Houston, TX: 1 Day event - May 3, 2018 | Facility: Chevron Corporate Office in Downtown Houston

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: 2-Day event - Nov. 22 and 23, 2018 | Facility: Petrobras University

Paris, France: 2-Day event - September 5 and 6, 2018 | Facility: Total Campus

Technical Presentation anticipated for MPUR workshops in 2018 include:

• Seafloor Multiphase and Single - Phase Boosting
• Seafloor Wet-Gas Compression
• Other Seafloor Pumping Topics such as Seawater Injection and Mud/Solids Pumping during Drilling
• New “Topsideless” Pump Technologies
• ESP Technologies for Gas-Handling and Improved Reliability
• Barrier Fluid Systems
• Onshore Twin-Screw Pump Applications (North America, South America, and Europe)
• New Uses of Multiphase Pump in Unconventional Pad-Based Developments
• New Uses of the Multiphase Pump Technology in Brownfield Applications (Seafloor Boosting)
• Proven Case-Histories - Enhanced Oil Recovery with multiphase pumps
• Monitoring Surveillance

**** Brazil event will include discussions on Metering

Who should attend:

Anticipated attendees include but are not limited to professional persons with a level of authority within, their respected company: Mechanical Engineer, Flow Assurance, Pre-Projects, SURF, Architectural Project Manager, Facilities, Reservoir Engineer, and Completions.

Event Objective:

The over-arching goal is for all involved to come away with a clear sense of how seabed multiphase boosting can impact the economics of their projects, maximizing early production, enabling staged development programs, and eliminating the need for additional HUB facilities.

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Petroleum ETC
Petroleum ETC

An industry think tank led by a team of prestigious academics, Petroleum ETC takes a rigorous approach to educating and advancing energy professionals in new and emerging technologies through organizing industry events and conferences, training sessions, field trials, data review, case studies and offering validation of key findings. Our unique position affords us the ability to extend our expertise as collaborators as well as consultants. Originally founded in College Station, Texas, our corporate headquarters moved to Houston, Texas in 2013. We started as an operation with knowledge-sharing events worldwide on topics ranging from multiphase pumping, multiphase metering, hydraulic fracturing to reservoir engineering.

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