Petrolessons Enterprise

Petrolessons Enterprise is helping small, medium and large operators and service companies lower the cost of training, capture internal knowledge, showcase technology and expertise and keep workforce motivated! We make it easy for you to be a part of Petrolessons, join in today!

  • Petrolessons Alliance:

The Petrolessons Alliance is a FREE membership into Petrolessons. By being a member, companies show that they care about bridging the knowledge gap, about reducing the cost of training and about their employees' motivation and development. By being a part of the Petrolessons Alliance companies gain access to a number of perks including first look into features we are developing, request for specific courses and exclusive discounts to your entire workforce.

  • Bulk Purchases:

We are happy to offer corporate discounts for bulk purchase of 10+ licenses of the same courses. The one year access to the course only starts when the student enrolls in the course. Just contact us and let us know which courses you'd like to purchase and how many licenses you need. We will get back to you to discuss pricing options along with custom ordering link.

  • Sponsored Courses:

We have launched a new product - Sponsored Courses. Companies can now publish courses and presentations showcasing their technology or expertise and let students sign up for free. Petrolessons charges a low monthly fee to cover our hosting and handling. You get email addresses for the students who signup for your courses. *Sponsored courses must teach something. They shall not be purely a sells presentation and they are approved to be published on a case-by-case basis.

  • Private Petrolessons Portal for teams, departments or companies:

This is an opportunity for companies to get their own petrolessons portal. Upload their users, control access to their courses, create and upload their own content, import our content and really create a knowledge sharing culture within their teams, departments or entire organization. Today this offering, comes with a fully managed service that includes monthly reports, free upload of courses and users. Plus we offer free consulting and course production for a limited time.

  • Outsourced Training Support:

Don't have a training department or just need some extra helping hands for a little while? Our experienced Project Managers, Instructional Designers and Training & Development team can be yours! We put our team to work for you to identify skills gaps, design a robust and cost effective training strategy, map out the required curriculum, locate courses and experts and run your training program. We have solutions for small project teams, departments or the entire company.

  • In-classroom training:

Yes, we heard you! We now offer in-classroom training with public as well as custom courses. We continue growing our network of experts and training partners around the world, allowing us to quickly source a solution for your training needs online or offline.