Here are the Oil and Gas Events for November 2022:

October 31-November 03: ADIPEC 2022. Event Location: Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. This event will gather policy makers, energy CEOs and industry professionals, from across the globe, to spearhead discussions focused on key global energy trends, policy formation, and geopolitical factors. Oil and Gas Event Information and Registration: https://www.adipec.com/

November 01-03: Americas LNG & Gas Summit & Exhibition. Event Location: New Orleans, Louisiana. This event is an international networking hub for the LNG, Gas and Hydrogen value chains to share market insights and exchange ideas. Energy security and price volatility have become two of the most pressing political issues of the age.  The need for USA LNG to supply and deliver has never been greater. Oil and Gas Event Information and Registration: https://www.worldlngamericas.com/

November 01-03: Operational Excellence in Oil and Gas. Event Location: Houston, Texas. It’s the best place to discover powerful solutions from innovations in AI and robotics, to hands-on site tours, to use cases from operations leaders paving a new way forward. Oil and Gas Event Information and Registration: https://www.oilandgasiq.com/events-opexinoilandgas

November 01-03: SPE Workshop: Montney and Duvernay: Poised to Capitalize Upon Opportunity. Event Location: Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada. The Montney/Duvernay workshop focuses itself across the landscape of learnings from downhole completions, surface requirements and infrastructure, to the ever-increasing focus on delivering cleaner energy while caring for the environment. Oil and Gas Event Information and Registration: https://www.spe.org/events/en/2022/workshop/22aca4/montney-and-duvernay-poised-to-capitalize-upon-opportunity.html

November 02-03: Downstream Cost Analysis Service Third-Quarter 2022 Update. Event Location: Houston, Texas. This event provides an opportunity to meet our analysts, learn about trends impacting downstream costs, hear about our latest forecasts, ask questions and network with peers from different companies. Oil and Gas Event Information and Registration: https://ihsmarkit.com/events/downstream-cost-analysis-service/overview.html

November 02-04: IADC Annual General Meeting. Event Location: Austin, Texas. This event is recognized as the keynote conference for the drilling industry and provides ideal networking opportunities for participants. It features prominent speakers from industry and government. Oil and Gas Event Information and Registration:https://www.iadc.org/event/iadc-annual-general-meeting/

November 03-04: EPCPM 2022.  Event Location: Lisbon, Portugal. The Annual Global EPC Contract & Project Management Conference is the world’s Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) industry summit for thought leadership and networking in the contract & project Management domain. This summit elucidates challenges and special risks and how to manage them. Oil and Gas Event Information and Registration: https://epc-hub.com/

November 07-08: SPE Symposium: Asia Pacific Offshore Decommissioning and Well P&A. Event Location: Perth, Australia. Aims to be the key platform for industry leaders, subject matter experts, regulators, service and technology providers as well as researchers to address challenges, success stories and lessons learnt in the offshore decommissioning and well P&A activities primarily in today’s challenging economic climate. Oil and Gas Event Information and Registration: https://www.spe.org/events/en/2022/symposium/23sa01/offshore-decommissioning-and-well-pa

November 07-09: International LPG Summit. Event Location: Miami, Florida. This event focuses on the Latin and North American markets as they pivot and adjust to shifting energy prices, economic woes, and new policies. Hear from producers, midstream operators, refiners, associations and more on how the current landscape is creating new challenges as well as opportunities. Oil and Gas Event Information and Registration: https://plattsinfo.spglobal.com/international-lpg-summit.html

November 07-09: 2nd Edition: Integrated Emerging Exploration Concepts: Challenges, Future Trends and Opportunities. Event Location: Khobar, Saudi Arabia. Best practices in exploration: turning challenges into opportunities,  new trends and emerging concepts: embracing new energy era and power of data integration: role of integrated modeling in exploration are some examples of  this event topics. Oil and Gas Event Information and Registration: https://www.aapg.org/global/middleeast/events/workshop/articleid/63394

November 07-10: ERTC (European Refining Technology Conference). Event Location: Berlin, Germany. The theme of this year’s event is ‘Shaping the Future of Energy. At this event you can discover new insights, learn about our technology advancements, and connect with colleagues from around the globe. Oil and Gas Event Information and Registration: https://worldrefiningassociation.com/event-events/ertc/

November 08-09: 17th Annual API Cybersecurity Conference for the Oil and Natural Gas Industry. Event Location: The Woodlands, Texas. Federal leadership panel: shaping the future (NIST 2.0: What You Need to Know, CISA Performance Goals: What’s Next, SD2c Implementation: Lessons Learned and Next Steps), ICS cybersecurity and application security and SecDevOps are some examples of this event topics. Oil and Gas Event Information and Registration: https://events.api.org/2022-api-cybersecurity-conference-for-the-oil-and-natural-gas-industry/

November 08-09: Upstream Cost Analysis Service | Third-Quarter 2022 Update. Event Location: London, United Kingdom. The workshop provides an opportunity to meet our senior analysts and ask questions on a wide range of energy topics. You will also learn about trends impacting upstream costs, hear our latest forecasts, interact directly with our research team, and network with your peers from different companies.Your participation will give you access to in-depth insights into each market segment and help us guide future research efforts. Oil and Gas Event Information and Registration: https://ihsmarkit.com/events/upstream-cost-analysis-services-2022/overview.html

November 08-10: Deepwater operations, Topsides platforms-Hulls Conference & Exhibition. Event Location: Galveston, Texas. Attendees can expect to learn and discuss the real-life issues and solutions relevant to deepwater operations and topsides, platforms and hulls. Oil and Gas Event Information and Registration: https://www.offshore-event.com/

November 09: Rushmore Reviews Annual Meeting. Event Location: IHS Markit Webinar. This event will have presentations from AkerBP, Chevron and TotalEnergies on how Rushmore is used within their own organization, Updates from the Rushmore team on what has happened in 2022 and future plans and David Masson, Sean Holmes, Sarah Stuart. Oil and Gas Event Information and Registration: https://ihsmarkit.com/events/rushmore-reviews-annual-meeting-2022/overview.html

November 09-10: Carbon Tracking & Reporting Canada. Event Location: Calgary, Alberta. This event will present recent International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) Exposure Drafts and the implications for Canadian Oil & Gas companies from Suncor Energy. The Canadian government’s methane policy objectives and a statistical update on progress to date from Alberta Energy Regulator. Oil and Gas Event Information and Registration: https://carbontrackingandreporting.energyconferencenetwork.com/canada

November 14-16: ARPEL. Event Location: Lima, Peru. The new scenario of exploration and production in the region, international situation, geopolitics and investment opportunities, the future of the refining sector in the region in the face of a new scenario of supply and consumption of fuels and oil derivatives, climate change, energy transitions, the role and the challenges and opportunities for the sector are some examples of this event topics. Oil and Gas Event Information and Registration: https://www.conferenciaarpel.org/es/conferenciaarpel2022

November 14-18: Fall Refining and Equipment Standards Meeting. Event Location: New Orleans, Louisiana. The Refining and Equipment Standards Meeting remains an invaluable opportunity to be a part of how the U.S. petroleum industry develops and maintains state-of-the-art standards. Oil and Gas Event Information and Registration: https://events.api.org/2022-fall-refining-and-equipment-standards-meeting/

November 15-16: Executive Oil Conference. Event Location: Midland, Texas. The curated conference program delivers a potent mix of relevant content, presented by expert speakers and enhanced by impactful networking between exhibitors and highly qualified attendees. Insight into Global Energy Security, Inflation, and the latest Trends & Technologies. Oil and Gas Event Information and Registration: https://www.hartenergyconferences.com/executive-oil-conference   

November 15–16: Energy in Data. Event Location: Austin, Texas. This Energy in Data Conference is organized by AAPG, SEG, and SPE to bring together multi-disciplinary communities to discuss the data challenges and solutions in areas such as oil and gas operations, critical minerals, geothermal, carbon management, hydrogen, and water. Oil and Gas Event Information and Registration: https://energyindata.org/

November 15-16: SPE Workshop: Future-Proofing Engineering and Geoscience Skills During The Energy Transition. Event Location: Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. The world will continue to rely on fossil fuels well past the career timeline of students now entering university. Energy forecasts generally suggest that oil and gas will continue to supply up to half the world’s energy needs into the 2050s. This suggests that a career related to subsurface energy and related areas would be worth pursuing for talented individuals. Oil and Gas Event Information and Registration: https://www.spe.org/events/en/2022/workshop/22aab5/future-proofing-engineering-and-geoscience-skills

November 15-17: SPE Annual Caspian Technical Conference. Event Location: Astana, Kazakhstan The SPE annual Caspian event has established itself as the leading gathering in the region and is renowned for its high caliber peer-selected technical papers. It is developed by the industry for the industry, offering an unparalleled platform to learn new insights, discover new technical and digital developments and network with upstream oil and gas experts. Oil and Gas Event Information and Registration: https://www.spe.org/events/en/2022/conference/22ctc/annual-caspian-technical-conference.html

November 16: API/AFPM Fall Operating Practices Symposium. Event Location: New Orleans, Louisiana. This event includes various technical presentations highlighting the lessons learned from facility incidents or near misses and discussions on accident avoidance in operating plants. Oil and Gas Event Information and Registration: https://events.api.org/2022-api-afpm-fall-operating-practices-symposium-and-roundtable/

November 17: Global Petrochemical Industry Forum. Event Location: Zhejiang, China. State of the global petrochemicals industry, China’s economic recovery and reform efforts under shrinking demand and crude oil and petrochemicals feedstock markets: navigating through shifting momentum are some examples of this event topics. Oil and Gas Event Information and Registration: https://ihsmarkit.com/events/2022-global-petrochemical-industry-forum/overview.html

November 22-23: SPE Symposium: Production Enhancement and Cost Optimisation. Event Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This event aims to provide an industry update and knowledge sharing on the advancement of production optimization, through high-level dialogue with senior leaders, and sharing of technical best practices and case studies in achieving optimized and cost-effective operations. Oil and Gas Event Information and Registration: https://www.spe.org/events/en/2022/symposium/23sm02/production-operations-and-cost-optimisation.html

November 22-23: SPE Workshop: Mature Fields Rejuvenation. Event Location: Mumbai, India. This workshop will provide a platform to bring together eminent energy professionals, researchers, and thought leaders to assimilate knowledge around the globe to brainstorm and discuss strategies to increase recovery/production with cost-effective strategies from mature fields. It will lead to better understanding, collaboration, and improved decision-making for increasing recoverability while keeping risks and costs to a minimum. Oil and Gas Event Information and Registration: https://www.spe.org/events/en/2022/workshop/22amum/mature-fields

November 28-29: IVECA 2022. Event Location: London, United Kingdom. Join the most senior energy, finance and investment executives to explore the future of the industry after consecutive years of great uncertainty in the ever-changing upstream landscape. Oil and Gas Event Information and Registration: https://energycouncil.com/event-events/world-energy-capital-assembly/

November, 29-30: SPE Brazil Subsea Symposium. Event Location: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. In this event the main specialists and decision makers will have the opportunity to explore, debate and suggest proposals in a differentiated format, combining short presentations and a high level of interaction between speakers and participants. Oil and Gas Event Information and Registration: https://subsea-symposium.spebrasil.org/

November 29-30: SPE Workshop: Impact of Digitalisation on Drilling Operations. Event Location: Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia. By leveraging digital technologies and the pillars of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (IR4.0), new opportunities for performance improvement are identified, and innovative solutions are developed, deployed and adopted. This helps tackle the complex and challenging nature of drilling and workover operations, particularly, automation, which is a crucial IR4.0 pillar. Oil and Gas Event Information and Registration: https://www.spe.org/events/en/2022/workshop/22adha/impact-of-digitalisation-on-drilling-operations.html

November29-December 01: SPE Thermal Well Integrity and Production Symposium. Event Location: Alberta, Canada. The event will continue to address and build on the well integrity topics that have been a mainstay over the years, such as regulations, well design, various tests and trials, lessons-learned, and mitigating measures. New this year—the committee has expanded the topics to cover more on production. Oil and Gas Event Information and Registration: https://www.spe.org/events/en/2022/symposium/22twid/thermal-well-integrity-and-production-symposium

November 29-December 02: World LNG Summit & Awards. Event Location: Athens, Greece. This event will bring together global LNG leaders from across the value chain to define the critical role of LNG & gas in both energy security and the ongoing drive for decarbonisation. Oil and Gas Event Information and Registration: https://www.worldlngsummit.com/

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