How to use the new Petrolessons Q&A Feature

We are excited to offer a new Q&A area where oil and gas professionals can ask and answer questions sharing knowledge and experiences in an easy way with the professional community on any oil and gas topic of interest. Questions can be technical or non-technical, practical or theoretical, as long as it’s relevant to the O&G community, it’s not self promoting, or promotion of your products and services or job search related. Other than that, there are no stupid questions! So ask away! If you have experience in a certain topic, look for questions that you could contribute with an answer. Everyone has something they can share. It’s a great opportunity for you to help your peers and the industry at the same time you build your brand and get recognition for your knowledge with points and badges that you can earn for each contribution. Remember, your answers are posted to your profile, highlighting your expertise and helping you showcase your knowledge. Here is how it works:

First make sure that you visit the page ALL Q&A and browse the questions already asked and answers already included. It’s easy to search, just type the keyword or topic you wish to ask and questions around the same topic will appear. If none appear it’s because no questions around that topic has been asked.

To ask a question you just click on the sub-menu ASK A QUESTION and fill out:

  1. Descriptive Tittle,
  2. Your question,
  3. Pick the best category and tags separated by comma.

Be sure to write complete sentences that make sense and are as specific as possible!

Q&As are monitored by our editorial staff and questions and answers that seem to be self promotional or irrelevant, will be removed. Repeated attempts will cause users to be suspended.

If you are interested in promoting your products or services, please contact us at [email protected] to discuss your options.

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